The Community Minecraft Server

The greatest asset that Minecraft has over most other games is that it is a sandbox game.  For those unfamiliar with the term, a sandbox game is one where the gameplay is not linear and you can do whatever your imagination wants.  With the introduction of modding (both server side and client side) the amount of things you can do in or with Minecraft are nearly endless.

That is one of the reasons I’ve chosen it as my game-of-choice for streaming, and the main reason I decided to set up a community server.  Although, with so many options – do I set up a modded server using a popular modpack like Bytesize, Karma, or SkyFactory 2?  Or do I set up a basic survival world?  I decided to set up an adventure map that included a bunch of mini games.  It allows people to play for a few minutes if that is all they have, and it allows people to easily join the community without feeling behind.

It makes heavy use of a great feature of the most recent Minecraft versions – command blocks.  I use command blocks to summon horses and pigs for the races, and to enable certain areas be creatively built in.

I’ll be spending the next few posts outlining different sections of the server and showcasing some of the awesome community builds.