Having a wonderful time, wish you were here…


Minecraft isn’t always the most social experience.  In fact, it’s a game about an extremely lonely existence while trying to survive!  The original game had you running from creepers, zombies, and skeletons while hoping to just survive.  In the current versions, you have the chance of running into a villager, and there’s always server play, so things can be less – lonely – but one way of looking at Minecraft is an adventure to some far away place.

I’ve been trained in my years of gaming to avoid the F-keys.  F1 was always “help” and the rest of the F-keys rarely did something useful (although auto-save was useful).  So, when it came to Minecraft, I ignored the F-keys for a pretty long time.  Until I realized how amazing they really are!  F1 removes the HUD (health bar, and any overlays, etc), F2 takes a screenshot, F3 shows debug info (great for seeing your X, Y, and Z position!) and F5 shows a different perspective – letting you even take a selfie!

Above is a selfie I took on stream, for a viewer in a “Make my day” lottery I run.  The challenge for you: take postcard pictures and shoot them to me on twitter: @thewizardllewyn