250 Followers Event! – UPDATED!


Christmas?  In July?  What is this some marketing scheme!

To enter the giveaway extravaganza, fill out the information on this form.

Why are we having this event?

Well, I’ve been streaming for 4 months and it has been a whirlwind of awesome and I want to share that happiness with everyone who has helped to make the stream amazing.  THANK YOU!

What can I win?

In this event – everyone is a winner!  I mean that!  Everyone will get some sort of prize, just for entering.  If you have minecraft, you’ll get bonus claimable blocks on the creative server, if you don’t you’ll get other (not yet determined) prizes.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL.  One lucky grand-prize winner will win a CUSTOM one-of-a-kind hand-crafted wooden creeper figurine (made by ME!)

UPDATE!!! Another lucky winner will win fresh home-baked cookies from me!  (I can work around allergies/tastes!)

UPDATE!!! At the conclusion of the extravaganza, I will be starting up a Minecraft 1.9 server that will be in survival mode and focused on Role Playing!  Everyone who enters the competition will have access to the server and be able have fun with the rest of the community!


Ok, I’ll admit – here is where things get a little complex.  This isn’t just any old normal run-of-the-mill event.  The prizes actually get better the more that people participate.  In fact, the more you participate, the better chance you have of winning cool and awesome prizes.  Here are things you can do to get more entries:

  • Tweet out the stream (when I’m live) – One entry per stream.
  • Host The Channel on Twitch – Type: /host TheWizardLlewyn from your channel – one entry per stream


As extra incentive, and to make things even crazier, I’m throwing the biggest wrench I can find into the works…  Prizes will go up based on the number of follows we get during the contest period.  That’s right – the more followers we get in the next 2 weeks, the more prizes YOU can win!

  • Base Prize: Bonus claims for all entrants, One grand-prize of a hand-crafted wooden creeper figurine, a bunch of other little prizes that will be determined by YOU!
  • 50 new followers: A bonus creeper will be given away – that’s right TWO lucky people will get hand-crafted wooden creepers.
  • 75 new followers: An additional grand-prize will added: Shrine to you!  I will spend an entire stream building a shrine to the winner, then take tons of screenshots and make a blog post about it for the world.
  • 100 new followers: I will immortalize one winner by making them a character in the books/story behind the “Evolving Saga” ModPack.
  • 150 new followers: I will do a stream entirely dedicated to “Make My Day”
  • 200 new followers: I have no clue – this won’t happen, if it does, then we’ll collectively come up with awesome and amazing prizes.

*NOTE: Dupe accounts, trolls, scammers, spammers, etc do not count in the follower count.