Medieval Fantasy – A RPG in Minecraft


Starting Friday December 18th, I’ll be opening up a semi-public Minecraft server which will host an RPG based survival world.

How will it work?

The server will be open to all followers of my channel, TheWizardLlewyn.  It will be Minecraft version 1.8 and will make use of a few server-side plugins to prevent grief as well as add some fun RPG and other game elements to the game.

Weekly Events

Every Friday at 9:30 pm Eastern, during my live-stream, as Game Master, I’ll run an event on the server.  Archery contests, Parkour Challenges, Build challenges, and a bunch of other events.  Myself and a few select members of the community will be Game Masters who will be playing in creative mode and helping to weave a story.  Castles from evil enemies will be constructed for players to explore, and lore will be weaved using signs in game, as well as blog posts here.

Survival Minecraft

The server will be – for the most part – a normal survival server.  To start, everyone will be part of the same community/castle working together, but as the number of active players grows, I’ll introduce factions that can choose to ally of fight for power.  Outside of events, players will be able to claim plots of land, build as they see fit, and make their home.  Active players may be given special missions – outside of standard events – which will be rewarded upon completion.

Server Details

For server details, and to be whitelisted, make sure you are following my twitch channel: and request to be whitelisted during my Friday event streams, or send me a PM on twitch.  Thanks and have a great day!