Origins of WizCraft The Wizard Llewyn Follower Server


A world where peace brought about unrest, and magic users – while rare – were extremely powerful, is where Llewyn originated from.  Fueled by a mixture of curiosity and a desire rule over larger domains, wizards gathered to create spells powerful enough to both create and travel to new dimensions.

At first, they served as an extreme luxury to the wealthy – a completely secluded place to vacation, or a place to send ones enemies.  As uses grew, the temptation to abuse the power grew as well.  Dimension creators became organized, and began to eliminate competition in whatever way they could.  With competition gone, illegal activities (and their prices) rose significantly.  The ruling council hired the remaining dimensional travelers to try to find and stop crimes.  For a time, Llewyn was the council’s elite and most senior ranking traveler, but as his success grew, so did the bounty on his head.

During an assassination attempt, Llewyn barely escaped by hopping into a relatively unknown dimension.  Instead of returning home, he spent the next six months crafting a spell to create an entire dimension that would keep himself and friends safe.  Despite having left all his possessions, Llewyn was excited at being safe and having the chance to start an entirely new world.