Follower Server Basics

This is a basic tutorial on how to do things on my Follower server.

  1. Claims: You will need to make a stick, that is the basic item to claim a spot.  There are premade 13×13 claims outlined in cobblestone, but you’re welcome to claim any area you’d like.  Minimum claim size is 10×10, but the maximum you can claim when starting is 13×13.  Just right-click with your stick on 2 corners of an area to claim.
  2. Claim Bonus: You earn 50 additional claim blocks every hour you play so after a few hours you can claim much more than your initial 169 (13×13 blocks)
  3. Claims keep your stuff safe – anything in your claim can ONLY be accessed/broken by you.  Additionally, anything others have claimed are protected to that user.
  4. Community Areas – There are tons of community areas that are not claimed – be respectful of these areas – and help contribute to their creation/maintenance!
  5. If you wish to give up a claim you have, type: /abandonclaim while standing in that claim.
  6. FOOD – There is a shared wheat farm in the center of town you can use until you have your own food source going.
  7. Mailboxes – you can craft your own mailbox using 5 iron, a chest, and a piece of wool (more on this later)
  8. Rules: Be respectful
  9. Client-side mods: Anything that does not affect other people, or allow you to fly or “cheat” (auto-kill mobs, etc) is acceptable.  You can use shaders, mini-maps, etc, but the server will always work with Vanilla 1.8.X client.
  10. Rewards/Events – Every Friday night at 9:30pm Eastern, I will run a live event.  There are often rewards for participating in events.  Additionally, I will reward players who go above and beyond and do awesome builds or set up really great things or help others.  Rewards could be custom items, rare materials, additional claim blocks, pets, etc.
  11. Have Fun: The goal of this is to play minecraft with a bunch of other awesome people.