Roommate Agreement Percabeth

She opened the door and entered her roommate`s room. Whenever they had sex, it was usually in their room, and one of their rules was that they never slept in the same bed all night, so it was interesting to be in Percy`s room without him. He had minimal decorations next to some pictures of his summer camp and vacation in Montauk on the wall and a plant that his mother brought once. Annabeth went to her office, where some textbooks and notebooks were scattered, and her swimming calendar was glued on. Annabeth beckoned and shot a framed image of Sally and Paul, they didn`t need to see that. Her roommate was too complex to talk about, there were routines that Annabeth had become accustomed to and which she knows as the back of the hand, but she couldn`t really say she knew why she knew her. Her name was Thalia Grace and she had electric blue eyes, a burst of freckles that had faded over the years – judging by the pictures around her side of the room – and legs that seemed too long to be natural, black hair that always seemed flawless, but they weren`t in a movie , so much so that Annabeth knew that she was simply blowing her hair more than twice a day. The blonde quickly learned not to ask her where she had been or with whom she had been after her countless nights, when she stumbled at the ungodly hours of the morning, should she ever return. She had assaulted Percy so much before returning from a night swimming practice, her hair was still wet and smelled of chlorine, but she had already started drinking for the night and could not wait for the usual fucks on the way home from every bar where they met their friends. She loved those nights, both torn apart by sexual tensions, because they couldn`t touch each other all night while they were partying with their college friends. None of his friends knew about his sex pact without any strings. It was particularly embarrassing when a friend insisted on both of them or teased about the chemistry they had, that Percy and Annabeth protested and insisted that they were just roommates and great friends, that`s all, but they were still blushing. Percy Jackson was the only thing Annabeth had in mind in the run-up to Valentine`s Day; One way or another, the image of him went into his work and showed his face prominently when his fingers hit the keyboard for hours until late at night.

Meanwhile, her roommate knew she was crazy or living near the nearest psychiatric hospital, and that Annabeth had to stay away from her boyfriend longer, she`d be there in a pulse. Author`s note: This was inspired by “The Roommate Agreement” fic auf ao3. Is that a fanfiction for their fanfiction? The concept with which I ran: Percy and Annabeth are roommates and have a friendship agreement. She had been tense all week because of this presentation, took it on her roommates, grabbed percy for mundane little things every time he crossed paths with her around his apartment. Annabeth looked at the watch on her DVD player and moaned. Percy soon came home, and when the kind and thoughtful Jackass he was, she knew he would ask for his presentation and that criticism of his teacher would return. Oh, the gods, and she would whip him if he tried to be nice, and she felt bad in inferring his frustrations about him. “I didn`t know you`d bring a girl,” Annabeth`s face beamed with rage and embarrassment. There was nothing about sleeping with other people in the friend-with-benefit agreement, but, according to Annabeth, none of them have had since they moved in together at the beginning of the semester.

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