Sample Church Facility Rental Agreement

The form below for church rental is used when the church is charged for the use of its facilities for events such as weddings, anniversaries, dinners, etc. This special form is also an example of a rental directive and prices for ecclesiastical institutions. Allow members or persons of the Church who request the use of the facilities to complete this form and attach a copy of the Church`s policies and procedures for use before using an ecclesiastical institution to ensure proper maintenance and use of the facilities. Church application forms can be used when church members wish to perform events such as weddings, Bible studies, dinners, anniversaries, etc., and these church members request the use of church institutions. This form is also a good way to track who uses which ecclesiastical institution and when they use it to help organize and eliminate confusion, which in turn is going to be more than worth the few minutes to fill out the form. Payment for the use of the ecclesiastical institution is usually granted to the secretary when booking and filling out the rental form for the ecclesiastical institution. On the form is required the name to whom they would pay their cheques, the names of the person or group booking, the name and number, the type of function, the date and time of the event, the furnishings, the equipment, furniture, etc., the rental conditions and prices, the rental contract with the signature and the date of the tenant , and a party for authorized authorization and signature (only the use of the office).

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