South Dakota Rental Agreement Laws

If the tenant wins in court, he may reside in the rental unit for the duration of the tenancy agreement. This would not prevent the landlord from giving the tenant one month`s notice to draw if the lease is month to month and not subsidized housing rent. Even if the tenant wins, he still has to pay rent. Landlords (tenants without a rental agreement) are entitled to at least 30 days` notice before eviction. Landlords also cannot evict tenants in retaliation or on discriminatory grounds. Owners must include a clause in the lease to avoid subletting and subletting. Otherwise, the tenant can sublet the rental unit. They tell you money wiring this is the safest sign of fraud. There is never a good reason to transfer money to pay a deposit, registration fee, rent for the first month or an apartment. The same applies if they send you a contract first. The money from the wiring is the same as sending cash – as soon as you send it, you have no way to get it back.

Become active in a client organization. If the landlord is expected to begin retaliatory action within 180 days of an above-mentioned event, the landlord can be sued in retaliation and claim up to two months` rent, restitution of a deposit and up to $500 in legal fees. This is a summary of some of the state`s various laws regarding landlord-tenant issues. It is considered only as educational materials. If you have any questions about landlord-tenant issues, please contact the Consumer Protection Service at 1-800-300-1986. But if you need legal advice, we advise you to contact a private lawyer. Notice to the lessor: Leases may vary depending on the time required to terminate the lease. Most leases that indicate a specified lease term (for example. B a 6-month or 1-year lease) indicate the time required to terminate or renew the lease or expire at the end of the deadline. If you have a rental agreement, read carefully about the notification requirements. If a written lease does not give a specific time frame for the renewal or expiry of the lease, at least one full tenancy period must be given before the last day of the lease.

This article summarizes some important South Dakota rental laws for housing units. The Dakota laws of the regional-tenant order do not have specific laws on pets. Owners are legally allowed to set their own rules and requirements for pets.

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