Youth Mobility Agreement between Canada and Germany

Stéphane: A dynamic centre for technology and culture with proud traditions. International Experience Canada, or IEC, offers Canadians between the ages of 18 and 35 the opportunity to work and travel to countries around the world. A working holiday is a unique rewarding experience, and I am sure it will be one of the best years of your life. Therefore, applications for mobility visas for young people will not be accepted until further notice. You must be between 18 and 35 years old. You can apply until your 36th birthday. If you are fully vaccinated, YES! The good news is that the Canada-U.S. land border will be open starting November 8, 2021, so you can take a road trip along the West Coast or just visit Seattle. You are also allowed to travel to Canada before returning to Germany.

Even if you have a refugee travel document issued by a country that has a youth mobility agreement with Canada, you are not eligible to participate. Please note: Youth Mobility Visa: You can also submit your Youth Mobility Visa application to any German mission or immigration office after your arrival in Germany. However, we strongly recommend that a visa be issued in advance. Employment cannot be taken before the mandatory permit. The Canada-Germany Youth Mobility Agreement provides youth (aged 18 to 35 at the time of application) with a unique opportunity to complete their post-secondary education, gain hands-on work experience and improve their knowledge of each other`s language, culture and society. Young Canadians who wish to do an internship in Germany as part of their studies or training. Avoid processing delays by sending us a complete application. They may also be inadmissible for safety, health or financial reasons.

If you also want to travel a lot to the rest of Europe during your working holiday in Germany, you can also benefit from a free borderless account with TransferWise. TransferWise`s borderless account allows you to spend money in any currency at a market-leading exchange rate. Beware of commercial visa agencies! Our office does not work with brokers or agencies. These individuals and organizations are NOT able to make an appointment with us. The only costs associated with this are the visa fee charged by the German Consulate General in Toronto. Requests, checklists and appointments are provided free of charge. No. You are eligible to apply for the YMA visa when you reach the age of 18. Honorary Consuls in Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, St. John`s, Saskatoon and Winnipeg We have also developed a guide to getting long-term accommodation in Berlin that can be helpful. Keep in mind that moving from Canada to Germany is not like deciding to work in Europe as you will need a work permit called Working Holiday Canada, and it will take some time.

You must provide two identical sets of each document as well as two biometric passport photos Upon arrival, we will verify your identity to ensure that you are the same person who has been approved to travel to Canada. We may use your biometric data to do this. The German-Canadian agreement does not allow you to stay for more than twelve months. Note that as a Canadian citizen, you can obtain a regular work permit from the relevant German authorities if you meet the requirements. The processing time is 2-3 weeks, so be sure to always apply at least 3 weeks before your scheduled arrival in Germany. Your loved ones cannot come to Canada with you under the IDC program. However, you can apply to visit, study or work in Canada. We will consider your application separately from yours. With respect to the Youth Mobility Visa for Germany, Canadian citizens can apply at various locations in addition to the German Consulate in Toronto: Once the Consulate General of Germany has decided on your application, your passport will be sent to you along with the Canada Xpresspost envelope you provided. There are several reasons why your visa application may be rejected.

The reasons for this situation will be indicated in the letter informing you that your application has been rejected. You are welcome to submit a new application with complete, meaningful and verifiable documents at any time. Our answers to frequently asked questions about the youth mobility visa. One of the great advantages of the working holiday visa is that it allows you to work in Germany. But you still need to find a job – to help you get started, we`ve put together free job search resources: Canadian citizens can apply for the Youth Mobility Visa twice in different categories. The categories are: FAQs Work and Travel with Youth Mobility Agreement If you need help creating a German-style CV to help you find a job, you might also be interested in our CV writing service. After receiving your biometrics, we will start processing your application. See how long it takes to process your request. Your passport must be valid for at least 3 months longer than the intended stay, have at least 2 free pages and must not be more than 10 years old. If you live outside of Canada, submit your application in person to the German representation (embassy or consulate) that is responsible for your jurisdiction.

You must meet certain basic requirements to enter Canada. You must: Note: We recommend that you take out year-round travel insurance and pay in advance. Although there are a number of policies on the market that can be paid and terminated monthly, these are often rejected by German embassies and consulates because they want to make sure you are permanently insured for the whole year and do not cancel the policy. A monthly policy is one of the most common reasons why youth mobility visa applicants are rejected at the German Consulate in Toronto. Do you prefer urban life? No problem! We can also help you with our Vancouver Working Holiday City Employment Program so you can spend your working holiday experience in one of Canada`s fastest growing cities! The German Consulate General in Toronto will review your application and decide whether or not to issue a visa. For this purpose, it checks whether your request meets the legal requirements. The German Consulate General will contact you as soon as it has decided on your application. We ask you to understand that we cannot answer any questions about the status of your application during this processing period. Thereafter, requests will only be satisfied if they are made by e-mail by the applicant, his legal representative or another person authorized in writing by the applicant. This program allows you to live and work in Canada at a summer or winter resort (or both!). If you love nature and love hiking and skiing, then this program will help you discover your passions while working and earning money! During these two years, you will have full employment rights for Germany, which means that you can work full-time for one or more employers for a period of two years.


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