Agreement For Website Development And Hosting

The developer agrees to have website backups and a set of definitive materials provided for a term up to [Backup.Term]. By signing below, the parties enter into a binding agreement on website development services. We draw attention to the fact that this agreement is not a software license agreement and should not be considered as such unless this is stated in the agreement. It is more correct of an agreement that has been written to clearly define the responsibilities of both parties when your website is developed and put online. Please inform your lawyer if you forward it for verification. The developer agrees to present this website in person on [Presentation.Date] in a location suitable for both parties for final approval and receipt by the customer. The Developer may terminate this Agreement in the same manner if necessary. More comprehensive web development and hosting projects will be initiated by a written and signed agreement, which will become a control document for these projects. This agreement does not apply to these projects, but to all other web development and hosting projects that are initiated only by order.

The customer may terminate this website development services contract at any time by email or registered letter to the developer. PandaTip: This section of the template clearly defines the processes by which this website development contract can be terminated. The developer agrees to manage a copy of the client`s website on an offline server as a backup for the Live site. The developer provides website hosting services for the client`s website once development is complete. .

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